Ras Muhammad


Ras Muhammad was born with the real name Muhammad Egar, he is one of reggae musician in Indonesia – especially dance hall reggae. Well, it is totally different with Bob Marley music also Tony Q music (Indonesia Reggae Legend) even tough the basic is reggae. Almost reggae music is steady bit, slow and feel relax.
But Dance Hall Reggae is more bit. It is combining of reggae and hip-hop, so it can call hip-hop reggae. It is very similar with hip-hop but the music very reggae. I know you are vexing, so better you buy this album.

Ras Muhammad - Musik Reggae Ini. A very colorful video, He put himself as reggae ambassador, he introduce some of reggae musician in the world, start Bob Marley until Tony Q Rastafara.

For the songs you can check here

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