They performed one of their repertoire songs “Wisata Dewasa”, which the lyric is very nice and funny. Ngupi Reggae Band founded by Ipunk – ex vocalist of Matahari Reggae band.

Artist: Tony Q Rastafara
Song Title: Mencium Bulan
Album: Anak Kampung
Genre: Reggae

Tony Q Rastafara - Ngayogjokarto. Tony Q Rastafara is a living legend of Indonesia Reggae Music.

Matisyahu - Redemption Song (Bob Marley Cover). Thanks to and Go Digital who distributed this video, Big Thanks.

Matisyahu - an American Hasidic Jewish reggae musician - perform "One Day" [Peace for Gaza].

enough is enough

:: PEACE ::

I didn't shoot any of the footage, they're just bits and pieces I found lying around. Clearly I don't own any of the rights to this footage but there is no copyright intended - it's just all in the name of peace and love.

Tony Q Rastafara is icon of Indonesia Reggae Music. From his latest album "Presiden" - Krisis Kepercayaan.
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